Femme Fatale “Gimme More” Backdrop Leaks

The original “Gimme More” backdrop from the Femme Fatale tour leaked out of nowhere. Sure, it may not be the “Circus” tour DVD we’ve all yearned for, but sometimes it’s important to appreciate the little things in life. I’ll take anything with the words “gimme” and “more” in it. That came out wrong.

Happy Anniversary Femme Fatale Tour

Two years ago sounds like a lot of time, but doesn’t it seem like yesterday Britney kicked off her Femme Fatale Tour in Sacramento, CA? Well, that’s how long ago as of today it’s been. The Femme Fatale Tour,” or FFT, was Britney’s eighth tour and kicked off June 16, 2011. The show portrayed Britney […]

Femme Fatale Tour DVD Director Talks Britney

Director of “Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour” DVD, Ted Kenney, opens up about working with Britney on the project. Did you know Britney backstage creating the DVD? If so, how was and you took a picture with her? “I met her a few times. Unfortunately I could never take a picture with her. […]

Forbes Ranks Britney #2 On Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Women

Britney ranked #2 on Forbes‘ Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Women list in 2012 (despite spelling her name wrong on their website), only losing to Oprah. Brit raked in $58 million thanks to her successful Femme Fatale tour and fragrance line with Elizabeth Arden. Rounding out the top five are Taylor Swift ($57 million), Ellen DeGeneres ($53 million) […]

Hold It Against Me Backdrop Leaks

We had a few backdrops leak earlier this year from the Femme Fatale Tour, and they just keep on comin! Check out the Hold It Against Me FFT official song rip plus backdrop video (“Boys” rip is an added bonus). The backdrop is bout to give me a seizure though tbh.

Femme Fatale $2.99

Fans arranged a Femme Fatale week to boost album sales, and Amazon is on board! They just cut the price of FF from $12.79 to $2.99! Get it while it’s hot.

Femme Fatale Tour Anniversary

One year ago today, the Femme Fatale Tour kicked off in Sacramento, CA. Hard to believe it’s already been a year! Take a look back at over 75 amazing shows in XRAY! Good times.

New Clips Of Britney On Pauly D Project

A new clip of Britney’s appearance on The Pauly D Project hit the net! Britney Facebooked fans: Tomorrow Britney will be appearing on a new episode of The Pauly D. Project. Tune in! 10:30 PM ET/PT on MTV Get More: Pauly D Project, Full Episodes

Britney Preview On The Pauly D Project

MTV aired a preview from Britney’s appearance on Pauly D’s new show, The Pauly D Project. Ch-ch-check it out! The Pauly D Project airs Thursdays at 10:30pm ET/PT on MTV. Yeaaa, buddy.