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Catching Up With Britney Spears

Catching Up With Britney Spears

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Britney Spears, and that’s the way she likes it. Her life, once splashed across the Internet and checkout aisle, is instead focused on motherhood, her health and expanding the Britney empire.

Though she took the summer off from performing her wildly successful Piece of Me residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Britney still got to work, *****. She announced the launch of her first lingerie line, debuted a new fragrance, shot photos for a fitness magazine – all while juggling the craziness of being a mom to two kids. A couple Starbucks runs, too. caught up with the legendary Miss Britney Spears! When will your favs?

BreatheHeavy Catching Up With Britney Spears

“My summer was awesome. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to spend summer vacation with my boys – I’m usually working! We had a really good time. It was just so great to be able to attend all of Preston and Jayden’s basketball games. And I got to go with them to the skate park and watch them learn how to skateboard. I’m a proud mama!” Catching Up With Britney Spears

“Most definitely. This was a longer break from the show than we normally have, so I was feeling the itch to get back on stage a few weeks into it. I can’t wait for tonight!” Catching Up With Britney Spears

“I’ve been working on the Intimates line for quite some time, so it’s really exciting for me to see my vision come to life. We have a few fashion shows coming up next month to launch the line, it’ll be fun to see my designs on the runway.” Catching Up With Britney Spears

“Thank you so much! The most important thing to me is that I feel great too. I just did a shoot for a health and fitness magazine.” Catching Up With Britney Spears

“The bottle is modeled after one of my favorite stage performances. Something about a big yellow snake…” Catching Up With Britney Spears

“I want to thank all of my fans for their love and support through the years, it means everything to me.”

Britney kicks off the next leg of Piece Of Me Friday night! Are you ready?

– Jordan Miller,

Candids Exclusive

January 13 – Britney And David Shop At Costco

January 13 - Britney And David Shop At Costco

After Britney and David worked out in Santa Monica on Monday, the two headed over to Costco in Westlake Village.

Sure, she could send people out to run errands like this, but it’s exactly one of the reasons why we love her!

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Marc Klasfeld Directing “Ooh La La” Music Video

Marc Klasfeld Directing "Ooh La La"

Britney’s upcoming music video for “Ooh La La” is scheduled for an early June shoot, directed by Marc Klasfeld of Rockhard productions (home to Ray Kay, director of “Till The World Ends”), sources reveal to

Rumors floating around Exhale claim Britney will be transformed into a Smurf herself, but it’s not true. So far, the concept is Britney herself will venture to the Smurf village, a place impossible to find unless a Smurf leads the way. Britney’s boys are also said to be featured in the music video!

Klasfeld has directed hundreds of music videos for big celebs, including “Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Kid Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Buble’, Nelly, Foo Fighters, Jewel, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, Aerosmith and many others with multiple MTV award wins and nominations.”

A very cute, kid-friendly concept!


Trainer Tony Martinez: Britney Is An Athlete, Gives Britney-Inspired Workout Tips

Trainer Tony Martinez: Britney Is An Athlete

Britney Spears is Mrs. She’s Too Big Now She’s Too Thin, but in the recent months her body is Mrs. Just Right thanks to her personal trainer, Tony Martinez, who she credits help getting her in tip-top condition for her Shape magazine photoshoot.

Tony tells Britney kills it in the gym, describes her work ethic and gives fans a few exercises he performs with Britney called the “Four B’s.”

Tony, who first worked with Britney before the “Me Against The Music” video in 2004, says she’s fully committed when she gets to the gym.

“She’s old-school about working out; she’ll want to do an hour of cardio, an hour of weights, and she loves to run, but I try to tell her ‘let’s try and do something different.’” Instead, Tony switches up her workouts using his “trickeration” method, which is his word for workouts that are strenuous, but distracting enough where it’s more fun than work. They also do interval and resistance training, which he calls working out “smarter not harder,” thus shortening the length of the workout.

“I like doing stuff outside with Britney more than being in a gym. Anyone can be in a gym. I try to do more functional, athletic training. When she dances she’s doing a lot of lateral movements, so we do a lot of lateral, we do a lot of plyometrics. We try to mix it up a lot so her knee’s still good, her back, shoulders… but at the same time she’s getting strength and she looks great.”


Britney’s Shape Magazine Shoot Shot By…

Britney's Shape Magazine Shoot Shot By

Britney’s Shape magazine photos are already causing quite a stir, and all we have are previews! can reveal the amazing pictures, set to hit tomorrow, were shot by photographer Don Flood, who’s snapped other superstars like Janet Jackson, Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans, Adam Lambert, Eva Mendes and more.

Get ready. It’s fire!

Exclusive Vegas

Breaking News: Britney Confirmed For Las Vegas

It’s official: Britney Spears is performing in Las Vegas!

Extra can exclusively confirm to that Britney Spears’s Las Vegas gig is 100% on! Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph confirming to “Extra” that the Vegas show will happen at one of two casinos, one of which is part of Caesars Entertainment group. The deal will be finalized once Britney’s team decides which one to go with. The pop star has been in negotiations to do a residency in Las Vegas the past several months, a formal announcement is expected in the next coming weeks.

UPDATE:Extra” just received a statement from Larry Rudolph, “We are in deep negotiations and I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen. Hoping to have a deal done very soon.”

Britney Vids Exclusive

Britney & Will.I.Am Shooting “Scream & Shout” Music Video

Get ready to scream and shout.

Britney and Will.I.Am are filming their music video for “**** ****” “Scream & Shout” this weekend, can exclusively report.

BH obtained the casting call for the vid, which claims the song is NOT called “**** ****” as fans previously thought, rather “Scream & Shout”.

The video, being shot this weekend: October 13 & 14, will feature male/female fire breathers and professional dancers.

Stay tuned…

Exclusive Fragrances

Fantasy Twist Behind-The-Scenes Footage Next Week

Fantasy Twist is officially out in stores, but the only sign of Britney’s Cleopatra-inspired commercial for it are two tiny, cropped photos of B. They’re taunting us! But not for long… can reveal Elizabeth Arden will release behind-the-scenes footage from the new commercial shoot next week.

Keep an eye out!


New Behind-The-Scenes Footage!

Check out some behind the scenes footage of Britney talking about dancing and the $20,000 bra she’s wearing for the commercial!