Another Day, Another Drama: Sam Lutfi Mess Dragged Back Up By Appeals Court

A Californian court of appeals rules that a jury must decide if Sam Lutfi is owed commission from his time working with Britney Spears. According to a Billboard report, the unpleasant chapter of Britney’s life that featured Sam Lutfi will now be played out in a courtroom, as a jury is to see whether or […]

Britney Moves On And Dating Charlie Ebersol

This is Britney’s new boy toy. Britney has reportedly dated Charlie Ebersol, the son of veteran TV producer and co-creator of Saturday Night Live **** Ebersol, for a few weeks, according to E! News.

Interviewer Calls Britney “Cuckoo” On UK TV

Amazing seeing you Britney @britneyspears , enjoy the rest of your stay . Interview on Monday on @itvthismorning ! — Alison Hammond (@AlisonHammond2) October 15, 2013 One of Britney’s fav journalists will probably never interview her again. Alison Hammond was asked to describe a list of celebrities in one word during her appearance on […]

This Might Be The Best Flashback Friday Ever

A plethora of Britney & Justin pictures leaked from who knows where. Hey! It’s Friday (unless it’s Saturday now. In that case, hello future #timetravelspeed)! You know what that means? Yes, you’re getting drunk at the club, but that’s not where I’m headed with this. It’s #FlashbackFriday!!! To celebrate, here’s a handful of new (old) […]

Team Britney Blocking What’s His Name From Contacting Britney

They may have shared a sock drawer, but now the only thing Britney and ex David Lucado have in common is not talking! Jamie Spears’ blocked David from contacting Britney in any way, shape or form. In fact, homeboy heard about the breakup the same time her millions of fans did.

Jessica Biel Obviously Shading Britney’s Lingerie Line

Since the universe DOES revolve around Britney Spears, it’s safe to say this Tweet from Justin Timberlake’s main squeeze, Jessica Biel, is about our girl. Brit recently announced the launch of her new lingerie line, so it isn’t too hard to read between the lines. We’re onto you, Biel! She Tweeted:

Britney Breakdown Blabber Blah Blah Blah

Even though Britney’s proved she’s fit to perform nearly 100 shows in Las Vegas, release several albums and tour the world, tabloids still love running with the ~Britney is going to have a breakdown~ drama. This week’s In Touch claims a source close to Britney worries she’s “slipping back into her old ways.” “Gaining or […]

Report: Britney Nervous Walking The Red Carpet

Britney finds red carpet events “daunting,” according to new reports. Although she was a judge on a national television show in front of a live audience and millions watching, Britney finds being in public “daunting” and would rather chill at her crib away from the spotlight. “Britney still finds large crowds nerve-racking and doesn’t feel […]