The Official Britney Q&A Vine Post!

Britney’s Q&A Vine event is upon us! Britney’s answering fans’ questions in a Q&A via Vine Saturday morning! Post her vines and chat about the questions/responses in THIS THREAD IN EXHALE!

Fan Makes Fake “Britney” ID To Get The Full Britney Day Experience

This is her story, *****. Britney stan Tess Barker was bound and determined to soak up every aspect of Britney Day last Wednesday. She went as far as to get a fake ID with the name “Britney Murphy” (the ID expires on 4-20, nice touch) just to get a moment with the Queen at the […]

Candidney For The Win

There she is! Before posing for photos with the Key to the Strip on Britney Day last week, Brit was caught in a rare candid moment chatting with Carlo from Extra. He tells her going on stage in February for the Freakshow bit during Piece Of Me was one of the best moments of his […]