A lot of hurtful stories and allegations about Britney are circulating the net, including BreatheHeavy, rehashing times we’re sure Britney probably wants to leave behind. From me: it’s a t

Just Wondering…

Yesterday, fans received “Pleasure You”, a song about a subservient Britney wanting to please her lover however she can. It’s pure pop genius, then again… it’s hard to st

Exhale 2.0 Is Here

With no further adieu, check out the next chapter for BreatheHeavy: Exhale 2.0 Members had the opportuntiy to test it out for 48 hours before the official launch, and it’s a huge success! Whethe

Fan Meets Mama Lynne

BreatheHeavy reader John Mounce met Brit’s mama Lynne earlier this week in Sulphur, Louisiana at their local bakery. He said: “[She was] at our local bakery selling skin products! God, she


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