B-Sides: Lady Gaga’s ‘Dirty Ice Cream” Is The Original “Telephone”

The milkshake might bring all the boys to the yard, but dirty ice cream keeps them away. Lady Gaga has an unreleased track in every flavor, but “Dirty Ice Cream” is one of her tastiest. The campy pop tune made its debut on the singer’s old MySpace (RIP) page in 2007, and later made appearances […]

B-Sides: Britney Covers Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”: Listen

Britney sings with her soul. In BreatheHeavy’s new series, “B-Sides,” we take a closer look at some precious unreleased material from the princess of pop. The latest gem just surfaced. It’s a two-minute clip of Britney gorgeously covering blues icon Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.” Related: B-Sides: Here’s Why “State Of Grace” […]

B-Sides: Britney’s Vulnerability Shines On ‘Blackout’ Ballad, “Let Go”

Britney takes a leap of faith on unreleased track, “Let Go.” I’ve cried more than once listening to “Let Go.” OK, I’ve cried a lot. The 2007 ballad is Britney’s most revealing, tender track we’ve ever witnessed from the typically guarded pop star. It describes a heartbreaking scenario where two people fall out of love, […]

B-Sides: Here’s Why “State Of Grace” Is Britney’s Best Unreleased Track… Ever

Drift away into a mystical world of love carefully crafted by the princess of pop. Though Britney’s Blackout album is one of her worst-performing records sales-wise to-date, it’s undeniably her best, most cohesive body of work. There’s a treasure trove of unreleased tracks Queen B recorded post-Original Doll for Blackout, and in BreatheHeavy’s new series, […]