We asked about their current gigs, plans for Halloween and that crazy nod from Justin Bieber.

Catching Up With The Chainsmokers

Smoke break.

Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers will embark on The Friendzone Tour kicking off in Nashville, TN on Oct. 23 and travel the country through December. Ahead of the tour, the guys will warm up with a set inside the main room at Hakkasan in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 18 (tickets available here). BreatheHeavy caught up with the duo before their schedule doesn’t permit it, asking a few questions via email about their current gigs, plans for Halloween and that crazy nod from Justin Bieber. Read our little chit-chat then catch their newly premiered lyric video for “Roses” out today:

How’s tour life going?
Its awesome man! Beats our alternatives of being pool boys ya dig… although we do miss our tans! It can be daunting cause it legit never ends but we have had such a blast traveling!

How’s the Vegas crowd been recently?
Better than ever! We are so lucky to be with the Hakkasan family! They throw the most incredible parties and really invest in giving their attendees the best experience possible which is how we feel about our shows! You can never get tired of playing for vegas, everyone there is ready to have a great time!

What are you guys going to be for Halloween/plans?
We hired one of those badass make up artists to come and do our face paint! We always wanted to do that, just not sure what we will be! As far as where we will be, we will be in DC playing a sold out Echo Stage!

What was your initial reaction when Justin Bieber gave you guys a shout-out on Instagram?
We lost it! That was so dope! Dude has a million other things he could talk about or say and he gave us a really big look! The amount of attention he gets and the number of people that lean on his every word, it made him doing that a really big deal, but also personally it was cool because we admire him!

Roses @justinbieber remix! #whatdoyoumean you stole @rorykramer from us ?? #justinbieber

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If you guys collaborated together on a song, what would you want it to be about?
You can’t predict that sort of thing… it would just have to be authentic.

What’s your song of the moment?
Twenty One Pilots’ “Stressed Out.”

What’s something you can tell us about new music you’re working on?
That it’s really taking on a true character… before we struggled with what our voice would be but now we really feel comfortable about all the music we are producing and writing. Some of it will be different than what most might expect but we are very excited about it.

How does one Roses and Cheeel?
You put on Roses and make out for like 3 hours.

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