UH OH! More hot water for Casey Aldridge! First of all, please let me clarify that I used the self-checkout at the grocery store when purchasing this; couldn’t handle the humiliation of the clerk ringing up my XL condoms AND The National Enquirer at the same time. OK I’m kidding I didn’t buy XL condoms… they were XXL. Secondly, the NE totally stole my story! Haters. And third of all… ahh I got nothin.

The National Enquirer claims Casey cheated on Jamie Lynn just one week after the birth of Maddie Briann with ***** Andrea Revels (Yes, this is the second ***** that’s come to light about Casey cheating. Kelli Dawson, the Kentwood bicycle and the first chick to spill the beans, also scored an interview with The NE. She’s the ***** that got pregnant by Casey last year and had an abortion, all while he was still with Jamie Lynn. Are you following?). “Andrea Revels – a former high school classmate of Casey’s – reveals that she and Casey Aldridge had *** in his pickup truck just days after Maddie Briann’s birth. ‘Casey is a womanizer and a player who can’t keep it in his pants,’ says Andrea.

Check out the article by clicking the picture below:


And check out this obnoxiously foolish article about Britney being “snubbed” by Justin at the Robin Thick concert. For the record, Justin wasn’t even in L.A. the day of Thicke’s show. Click below to view:

Britney, come back and save us from this ********!

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