Listen to “First Time” and “Fever” from the remix album exclusive to Japan.


Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s new E•MO•TION Remixed songs.

Jepsen put forth her critically acclaimed pop album E•MO•TION in Japan last year months ahead of a U.S. release. Now, they’re in for another treat – a remix album that features re-workings of “Run Away With Me,” “Your Type,” “I Really Like You” and “All That.” It also includes two never-before-heard songs titled “First Time and “Fever,” both of which landed online ahead of its March 18 release date.

First Time:
Like many of the songs off the original E•MO•TION record, “First Time” incorporates the ’80s-vibe with the use of blaring synths and Jepsen’s emphatic enthusiasm for picture-perfect endings. “Through all the heartbreak we’ll make it feel like the first time,” she croons, “and if you stay here, we can kiss away the goodbye.”

“Fever” is a slow-tempoed tune about the unnerving anticipating to fall in love. “You wanna break my heart, alright,” Jepsen sings over vibey production. “I’ve got your fever I’ve been feeling it forever.”

The E•MO•TION Remixed tracklist:
01. First Time
02. Fever
03. Run Away With Me (Velvet Sunrise Remix)
04. Run Away With Me (Y2K Remix)
05. Your Type (Skylar Spence Remix)
06. Your Type (Young Bomuzu Remix)
07. I Really Like You (Blasterjaxx Remix)
08. I Really Like You (M. Rod Remix)
09. I Really Like You (Bleachers Remix)
10. All That (The Knox Remix)

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