Watch Jepsen perform an original tune + Vanessa Hudgens’ number as Rizzo during Grease: Live!.


Carly Rae Jepsen starred in Grease: Live! as the warm-hearted Frenchy and nailed it.

In case you hibernated in your bedroom last night without your smart phone, you’re very aware Grease: Live! aired on FOX Sunday night. Aside from Danny Zako’s pelvic thrusts (played by Aaron Tveit), one of the standout moments was Jepsen’s new tune. Before she sang the classic “Beauty School Dropout” number, Jepsen cooed an original song titled “All I need Is An Angel.” Afterward, Jepsen’s scene produced a moment of nostalgia when she conversed with Vi the waitress, played by the original Frenchy in Grease the movie, Didi Conn. Watch below:

And because we know you… here’s Vanessa Hudgens’ as Rizzo singing “There Are Worse Things.”

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