Listen to the latest E•MO•TION single.

Carly Rae Jepsen Premieres "Making The Most Of The Night"

Jepsen’s new E•MO•TION album is shaping up to be one of the best pop records of 2015.

Following the “Run Away With Me” music video and the U.S. release of “Warm Blood” is Jepsen’s next promotional track, “Making The Most Of The Night,” penned mostly by the immensely talented Sia. There’s another ’80s element Jepsen tackles in the song much like the other songs she’s released thus far, singing “I know you’ve had a rough time. Here I come to hijack you, hijack you, I love you. I’m making the most of the night.”

Fans of Jepsen surely heard the song already – the album dropped in Japan many weeks ago – but witnessing the “I Really Like You” singer share her favorite tracks feels intimate. There’s a dreamy element Jepsen handles with care throughout the emotional mid-tempo tune – her sixth release from the record. She shows a vulnerability towards her love interest – expressly stating her desire to “hijack” or steal them away from the troubles of the world. Who wouldn’t want that? Especially from Jepsen.

Listen to “Making The Most Of The Night” here: