Carly Rae Jepsen shares a new music video for lead single, “Party For One.”

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We’ve been speculating throughout 2019 when CRJ would release a new tune, and we’ve finally crossed the finish line. The singer-songwriter kicks off her new era with a deliciously infectious new tune. It’s titled “Party For One,” a reminder that the most important relationship you can be in is… the one with yourself.

“Party for one / If you don’t care about me… I’ll just dance by myself,” Carly sings on the Captain Cuts and HIGHTOWER-produced track. “I’ll be the one / If you don’t care about me, making love to myself / Back on my beat.”

There’s also a video for the track where a bunch of lonely hearts hide away in a hotel to wallow away their lonely sorrows (among other things teehee), only to unite together. Singledom isn’t so bad, is it?

“To me ‘Party For One’ is an anthem of what it is to celebrate time with yourself, which is a hard thing for people to really enjoy sometimes, and it’s something I’m learning to do more and more,” Jepsen said in a press release.

“This song represents a lot of what this album is about for me which is romantic love but self-love too.”

“Party For One” is the first release of Carly’s forthcoming album, out in 2019.

Watch the video below:

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