Here, kitty kitty.

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Pop music has sorely missed Carly Rae Jepsen, but the singer is balancing the force. We don’t know when her new album drops (rumor has it ~this spring), but its’ certainly on its way.

Following the album’s decently cute lead single, “Party For One,” are two infinitely better bops: the dance-floor ready “Now That I Found You” and starry-eyed “No Drug Like Me.”

On “Now That I Found You,” Carly Rae croons about the boisterous bounce of new love. “I think I’m coming alive with you,” she sings over a stuttering synth beat. The chorus is infectious and huge as hell.

There’s also a super purrty new music video for it in which Carly Rae Jepsen is a cat lady who finds true love in search for her missing furry friend. She smokes cat nip through a hookah, posts photos of it on social media and sings to her kitty in the shower. A true cat mom.

“No Drug Like Me” is an electro power ballad that shines in double entendres. “If you make me feel in love then I’ll blossom for you,” CRJ sings over an icy, ’80s-tinged beat. “If you make me open up I’ll tell only the truth.”

Check out the “Now That I Found You” video, and “No Drug Like Me,” below:

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