Feeling E•MO•TIONAL.

Feeling E•MO•TIONAL.

See that photo up top of Carly sniffing a bundle of shrubs? It’s oddly sensual, and it might be the first taste, um, sniff of her new era. The buzz is that pic is the first indicator her new tunes are on the way. Or it’s just a pretty photo. Who knows. She also posted a sensual black & white photo on Wednesday. See both below:

The pop star has been hard at work on her forthcoming album for several years. Last April, she touched base with Stereogum about it. Here were the highlights:

• Listened to Leon Bridges, old Motown records to the Bee Gees and the latest 1975 LP.

• Revealed plans to travel to Sweden to work on the LP.

• Shared song titles for two for her songwriting collaborations with her guitarist Tavish Crowe: the jazz-inspired “Tenderly” and a song called “Sails,” which is about the “journey of being on the road.”

• Admitted that she asked her A&R rep if she could “go away for three years” and return with a 45-song deluxe album. He (and plenty of other folks) told her that there’s no way that’s happening, so she’ll have to be a little more realistic.

• Wanted to release the new LP in the next year (that means any time now). “I feel fired up. My dream would be to hopefully get something out at the top of 2017 that I felt right about. But if I didn’t feel right, then I would wait. That’s the one thing … I don’t want to rush,” she confessed.

While we wait to see what Carly has up her sleeve, give Emotion: Side B another listen:

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