Get the details on CRJ’s next project!


Singer spoke to Stereogum about the follow-up to E•MO•TION.

There are two important observations to take away from Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015. First off, she dropped her critically-acclaimed third effort, E•MO•TION, and secondly, it flopped really, really hard.

Just days since the release of the visual for her latest single, “Boy Problems,” the Canadian singer/songwriter let it be known that she’s working on her new album and sat down with Stereogum to talk all about it. It’s a lengthy (and well-written) read, but if need the bullet points, then BreatheHeavy has you covered. Take a look below!

• CRJ is listening to a whole lot of stuff right now. From Leon Bridges to old Motown records to the Bee Gees and the latest 1975 LP, the pop star’s taste is sort of, well, all over the place at the moment.

• Sweden is where it’s at. After she opens up for Heldey during the Canadian leg of their tour, the singer is off to Sweden to work on the LP.

• She revealed titles for two for her songwriting collaborations with her guitarist Tavish Crowe: the jazz-inspired “Tenderly” and a song called “Sails,” which is about the “journey of being on the road.”

• Carly admitted that she asked her A&R rep if she could “go away for three years” and return with a 45-song deluxe album. He (and plenty of other folks) told her that there’s no way that’s happening, so she’ll have to be a little more realistic.

• And yet, CRJ also doesn’t want to wait too long to drop the album, admitting that she feels inspired and would like to release something within the next year if everything went her way. “I feel fired up. My dream would be to hopefully get something out at the top of 2017 that I felt right about. But if I didn’t feel right, then I would wait. That’s the one thing … I don’t want to rush,” she confessed.

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