Unlikely, but epic.

Unlikely, but epic.

Not a news flash: Beyoncé’s Lemonade lost the Album of the Year Grammy Award to Adele’s 25 last month and a lot of people felt Bey deserved it… even Adele. The “Hello” singer used her acceptance speech to proclaim her admiration for Beyoncé’s album, stating, “My album of the year is Lemonade” before breaking the Grammy in half and giving part to her famous friend.

Initially, Carlos Santana wasn’t so sure. The Mexican rock legend said that Adele won because “she can sing, sing” whereas Beyoncé is “not a singer, singer.” He told the Australian Associated Press, “with all respect to our sister Beyoncé, Beyoncé is very beautiful to look at and it’s more like modeling kind of music ― music to model a dress ― she’s not a singer, singer, with all respect to her.” Naturally, the Bey Hive attacked and Santana swiftly took it back and said his quote was “regretfully taken out of context.”

Now that he’s done a little thinking, Beyonce is in fact a singer. And to make it up to her, he would like to connect with Bey in the recording. Ditto for Adele.

“Not one is more important than the other, they’re both supremely important,” Santana tells Straitstimes. “Their music and my music serve a purpose, to bring unity and harmony.”

He adds, “I don’t think it’s impossible for us to go into the studio and create some beautiful music.”

Impossible, no, but considering Adele is currently amidst yet another leg of the 25 World Tour and Beyonce is very much pregnant, he may have to wait a while / forever. He didn’t clarify whether he meant collaborating with the legends on different songs or the same, but I’m personally here for the latter.

Here’s another interesting tidbit from that same interview: “Music is water, I’m like a hose and the people are flowers,” he says. “I am that sound that is in tune with Bob Marley and John Lennon. I am them, they are me and we want the same thing. We want to utilise our music to make the world a better place for everyone to coexist with compassion and kindness and consideration and graciousness.”

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