If looks could kill.

Cardi B’s new music video for “Press” might be her best video to-date, but it depicts senseless acts of violence for shock value, and in a time when America is plagued with mass murders by guns… it’s extremely insensitive.

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In the clip, Cardi is entangled in a ********* with a man and another woman, but something goes awry and she kills them. The rapper makes her way to court through a mob of screaming fans, and when she hears the unsettling verdict she kills the people who testified, as well as the team of naked women who seemingly backed her up. No one is safe… not even her cell mate, whom she drowns for no apparent reason.

The video is controversial and has people talking, which is ironic considering the main lyric of the song is “Cardi don’t need no more press.” Well, too bad.

Watch the video then let us know what you think about the video in the Exhale community.

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