Cardi B’s “Money” music video is life goals.

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Look, I think we’re all a little sick of working for the man. Let’s take a page from Cardi B’s book. The stripper, turned rap queen, turned stripper rap queen, is a boss ***** in her new video for “Money.”

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Before clicking play, sneak away from your family and friends. What I’m saying is it’s NSFW… unless your co-workers are down to watch strippers shoot dollars bills into the air while Cardi shows off her derrière and some of her best pole dancing moves (she even surfs on strippers Madonna style).

And when Cardi isn’t slinking around the room or slithering in a glass box in elaborate costumes, she’s breastfeeding baby Kulture.

This video is wild, but I’m so glad we can round out 2018 with it.

Watch below:

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