Cardi B and Maroon 5 collaborated, OKURRRR?


Cardi B and Maroon 5 are reportedly teaming up together, OKURRRR?

Cardi recently admitted she isn’t going to turn down hopping on a pop song because of stigma from the rap community, and she didn’t lie.


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After her success with Bruno Mars, Cardi decided to cook up a couple more radio friendly goods for us, including a track with JLo and DJ Khaled called “Quiero Dinero” and another with Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX on “Girls.” Read more about that here.

If the rumors are true, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper also has a song with Maroon 5 on the way. It’s apparently a remix of Maroon 5’s Red Pill Blues track, “Girls Like You,” and debuts on Friday (May 11).

Of all of the collabs Cardi has on the way, I’m probably least excited about this. Namely because I think Red Pill Blues has songs that’d fit Cardi better (“Lips On You” says hi).

Expect an official announcement later this week. Or, if this turns out to be untrue, please forget this post exists. Your call.


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