Hear her beatbox live on air & collab with The Roots!

Cara Delevingne Drops A Sick Beat

Cara Delevingne proves she’s a woman of many talents!

The Paper Towns star guested on Jimmy Fallon’s late show on the 17th and revealed a hidden talent – she can spit!

The model/singer/actress even managed to keep up when The Roots’ Tariq Trotter started rapping over the top.

Delevingne has been introducing her musical talents to the world for a while now, singing in a Chanel ad campaign alongside Pharrell back in December last year:

Duetting with Will Heard back in 2013:

And casually belting out a tune with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran at a US ambassadors house last year:

As you do.

Just in case you weren’t feeling inadequate enough, she also revealed she can play the drums on a Spanish talk show recently:

Should Cara Delevingne drop a mixtape already?