Britney and Kevin made it out without one single paparazzi as they both rented out a huge restaurant all to themselves for a private dinner by candle light. But until the ending, Britney gave the waiters a great one eyed look at what Kevin sees everyday. A waiter at the restaurant spills the news to Star magazine and quotes “Britney had a really glittery, fancy red top with a flower on the side, she looked very professional, until the flower clip came loose, Britney gave us a teasing one breasted spot light on play Boy magazine (Laughs).” They also added that Britney turned bright red and ran to the bathroom. “The waiters did not seem to mind at all…” Kevin added, “because it’s f*cking Britney Spears. Who wouldn’t mind? I’m sure even a house hold mothers with 5 children wouldn’t mind getting a glimpse of that.”


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