Basically, I am very upset at the fact that many image agencies are not allowing my site (or any other included) to post candids of Britney Spears because of strict copyright laws. Their images are protected, which I understand, so I cannot argue. Some of them do offer a licensing charge ($85.00 per PICTURE). Obviously I cannot afford this, which means a lot less candids of Britney. If you are thinking to just head on over to the next Britney site to get your candid fix, don’t be fooled, every site must follow these rules or face an uphill court battle.

My hope is that somehow they will work out an affiliation program with Breathe Heavy where I can buy a picture for a much lower cost and have that picture licensed for my site only. My stance on all of this is a bit twisted. I feel that the reason the paparazzi take pictures of a celebrity is ultimately for the fans (we are the ones that buy those magazines / check out the sites of our favorite celebrity etc…). If the fans see less and less candid pictures, they lose interest, thus ultimately hurting the image agency in the end (supply and demand). Only time will tell what will go down, but for now I feel cornered in and bullied. Reply in exhale, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

– Jordan

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