Candidney For The Win

There she is!

Before posing for photos with the Key to the Strip on Britney Day last week, Brit was caught in a rare candid moment chatting with Carlo from Extra. He tells her going on stage in February for the Freakshow bit during Piece Of Me was one of the best moments of his life, and her response is awesome!

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She says:

“Oh yay! Thank you for coming on stage. I’m really surprised how people respond when they get on stage cause you literally have to crawl on your feet and your legs, and it’s like… I’m always stunned that everyone does it instead of saying ‘Oh, I can’t do this!’

Carlo923 posted his encounter on Exhale:

“After the interview, they wanted Britney to do a photo op with the key, but they had to find the photographer first. There was a moment where Britney and I were standing next to each other in complete silence so I took a chance and turned to her, saying thank you for having me be the “Freakshow” guy back in February.

I was expecting her to say a simple “cool” and look away, but then this happened.”

He added: “Britney’s eyes lit up and she thanked me for coming on stage with her, and then started saying she couldn’t believe someone would actually agree to do that, she’s waiting for the day that someone gets up there and decides they don’t want to walk on their hands and feet. She was sooo sweet and I was so shocked. Not shocked that she was nice but just shocked at how “into” the story she was. We took a selfie which was posted here yesterday and then I flew back to LA.”

You might not think it’s a big deal, but… I don’t need to explain this. It is! Thoughts?