CHICAGO (AP) – When Britney Spears cancelled the rest of her summer tour following a knee injury, it wasn’t just her fans that suffered.

Sixteen-year-old newcomer Skye Sweetnam felt the ripple effect. The Bolton, Ont., singer was set to open for Spears this summer. Her debut album is scheduled for a September release on Capitol Records, and the tour could have served as a launching pad for her burgeoning career.

Now, as Sweetnam puts it, she’ll have to scramble to pull together a media tour and perform small acoustic shows to get the word out.

“It was kind of disappointing (when Britney hurt her knee) because we had this whole media hype behind the tour,” Sweetnam said. “It would have worked really well for a lead up for my album.”

Spears cancelled her tour last month after hurting her knee during a video shoot.

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