Britney Spears husband Kevin Federline has taken a lot of heat of late for his alleged wandering eye. And now that it has been alleged that Kevin has an eye for Jessica Simpson it should be asked if the two pop tarts can share K-Fed.

It would take him off the streets and possibly save him from some very embarrassing moments. Tina Sims reported earlier that Federline was photographed with a mystery blonde.

Hint: It wasn’t Jessica Simpson.

The BS (Britney Spears) hubby looks cozy in the shots with the girl and it’s still not clear if the woman is just a friend – or if more is going on.

Surely it is all just innocent fun as Britney is in reportedly Hawaii, alone.

One Hollywood web site speculates the woman in the picture with Kevin Federline… her name is Sandy Lakdar . She is a French actress that is reportedly in Los Angeles on holiday.

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