A solid plan.

There have been some interesting revelations with Camila Cabello’s forthcoming debut solo album.

The singer was handed a catchy Sia-penned club track with “Crying In The Club,” which she tirelessly promoted at first, but it didn’t stick the way her Pharrell-produced mid-tempo with “Havana” has. The latter is steadily trickling up the Hot 100 with very little promotion (it reached a new peak this week at No. 44). That inspired the singer to go back to the drawing board. Not only is she delaying her album until 2018, but she’s leaving “Crying In The Club” off of it.

“I think it’ll come at the top of next year,” Camila tells Official Charts of her forthcoming record. “You know, you only have one chance to make a debut album and at this point I have so many songs I’m passionate about. You know those albums where they are clearly songs that aren’t as good as the singles. I want every song to be single-worthy.”

Very good point.

She added: “I can’t imagine releasing something that isn’t that. For example, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Havana – I’m so proud of it and I want to feel that way about every song. I have a lot of songs I feel that way about already, but for the amount I want to have on that album, I want to feel that way about every song.”

Asked whether her album is about 80% finished, the singer agreed. In a separate interview, she also explained why “Crying” won’t make the cut.

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