Scrub a dub dub.

Summer cleaning.

Camila Cabello has said nothing but nice things about Fifth Harmony following her decision to leave the band, but the same can’t be said about the remaining members.

In 5H’s new interview with Billboard, they touch on Camila Cabello’s exit from the group. The reporter mentions the awkwardness surrounding the fallout.

“Try experiencing it,” quipped Jauregui. Kordei chimed in that she “was literally going to say that,” adding: “I get to sleep at night knowing we did everything in our power as friends, bandmates and human beings” to make it work. Then Hernandez: “You can’t change people.” And finally, Hansen: “Let’s just say we’re in a better place now — there are no secrets in this circle.”

Camila responded with a GIF posted to Twitter of Rihanna rolling up her window – the one you use when you’ve got no time fo dat – but apparently took things a step further this weekend when she unfollowed all of the girls on Twitter and Instagram. AKA the ultimate F U in 2017.

After the scrub, Camila remain unbothered and offered an update on The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.

Your move, 5H.

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