Camila handled a rude caller’s comment like a champ.

Camila Cabello handled a rude caller’s comment like a champ.

Camila has been non-stop working for weeks since releasing her No. 1 debut studio album. In some of her recent radio appearances, Camilizers even speculated she was literally about to fall asleep mid-interview. Not this time.

During her stop at UK’s Capital FM, CC was taking calls from listeners. The host asked one of the participants (a child) if they had any advice for Camila since it was her first time presenting on their morning show, and the rude response caught Camila off guard.

“She is the worst singer,” they said.

Camila took the dig in stride, but if Blue Ivy made her feel insecure at the Grammys for hushing her famous parents, I can only imagine what an on-air diss like that is going to do to her. Not cool, kid.

Watch at the 55-second mark below:



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