Check out the single cover.

We’re just days away from Camila Cabello’s first taste of solo music.

It’s been a big 24 hours for Camila. She revealed her forthcoming album is titled The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving. The lead single drops on Friday (May 19), and it’s titled “Crying In The Club.”

#CryingInTheClubFRIDAY ??05.19.17

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By mega zooming in on the artwork, lyrics for the song are printed. Here’s what fans believe it says:

Aint no crying in the club (hey, hey!) / Let the beat carry your tears as they fall….baby! / Aint no crying in the club (hey, hey!) / With a little faith, your tears turn to ecstasy / Aint no crying in the club”

She also shared several GIFs from the upcoming music video:

“The first song from my forthcoming album ‘the hurting the healing the loving’ will come out on 5.19.17,” she told fans over the weekend. ‘the hurting the healing the loving’ is the story of my journey from darkness into light, from a time when i was lost to a time when i found myself again. The story behind the album starts with the second song that you’ll hear called ‘I have questions’ which I started writing in a hotel bathroom on tour a little over a year ago. i was completely broken during that time, i was in the kind of pain that’s uncomfortable to talk about, and it was the kind of chapter you never want to read out loud….”

Stay tuned…

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