Camila Cabello wants that No. 1.

According to early estimates from Hits Daily Double, the record will top out at No. 3 with 70-80k in sales plus streaming, 50-55k in pure sales, but not if Camila can help it.

It’s worth mentioning Camila employed a ticket bundle tactic to entice fans to shell out (and a bid for the top spot). However, she may be no match for The Who and Roddy Ricch, who are on track to take the No. 1 and No. 2 spots respectively (but not by much).

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Romance is available to buy online for $5.99 – it’s an obvious bid to get the top spot on the Billboard 200 next week.

Camila’s 2018 self-titled debuted at No. 1 with 119,000 in sales plus streaming (65k in pure sales).

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    1. Yes and No The problem is that senorita is a strong single and block all her solo singles from making any impact. And why is her label trying to make her sell arenas she should of did small venues like Microsoft Theater or Forest Hills Stadium 

    2. It IS a sophomore slump. Considering ALL THE PUSH from her label and only #3? I literally have no idea who those 2 artists who outsold her are. And she’s definitely a bigger star now than she was during her first album and Havana. And still #3? I only know Camila has a new album this week because it’s everything the media is publishing lately. Also, she was on Ellen and Fallon. #3? Britney is 9 albums in and GLORY debuted with bigger numbers. I thought Camila was the queen of streaming? What happened to the billion streams of ‘Havana’ and ‘Señorita’? Again with my Tinashe point. It’s cause Camila looks like a basic *****. Her label thought they could ride on the fact that she has a great personality and she’s relatable. I mean, I do think she has a great personality. I find her funny. She was hilarious this on Fallon last week. But they can’t rely on personality and relatability. Jennifer Lawrence has a similar image but you know what sets her apart from Camila?J.Law actually looks like a moviestar – a superstar. Camila for all the success she’s had (the most among Fifth Harmony alums) – she still looks like a basic ***** and for that I will never stan no matter how much I loved ‘Crying in the Club’.

      I’m just glad our faves never had a sophomore slump. Except for Mandy and Jessica. But they both bounced back with their third album. 👌🏻

  1. It is OK. It is a nice record. But everything is over-saturated now, so no one cares for an OK record. Now it’s all about “OMG WHAT IS BEYONCÉ GONNA DO, RIHANNA WHERE ARE YOU, ADELE 78 I CANNOT WAIT!!!!”. But the rest? Completely under the radar. Or ask Iggy/Tinashe/Ciara.

    1. I don’t wanna sound ol-OK I’M OLD but when I waaaassss youngerrrrrr, I swear I would get THREE ALBUMS PER YEAR. It was Britney’s debut (SMASH MY LIFE, QUEEN!), BSB’s, and Ricky Martin. And that’s it. And I would play those mf over and over again until I could sing them backwards while jumping the rope or something. If back then it was too little for my huge love for pop music, now it is overwhelming. For example I still wanna enjoy Charli XCX’s latest record (it was only released last September and it already feels like old news, that’s crazy!!) but there are so many more things coming up all the time that I get freaking distracted. That’s not how culture should be consumed.

      1. Music is released so often… it feels like there are less special moments than ever. Some times if I don’t hear a song until a week after it’s released it feels like old news. BLEH

  2. For the record, in order for the ticket bundle to count as a sell, people have to submit their information to claim the record. I mean, I always do cause I like physical media.

    Otherwise, I can’t commit on her because I didn’t listen to the album. I do feel like she’s being pushed a little too hard on America. I mean, she performed more time on the AMAs than the host was actually on stage. And a fake relationship doesn’t mean record sales. People can love your brand without actually investing in your work.

    Also, who cares about record sales (besides me, an avid lover of billboard)? How are those ticket sales? That’s where she’s going to make them coins, anyway.

    1. I agree that they tried to push her too hard. I remember that she performed Havana on EVERY award show she could for a year and a half. Other than Senorita, I couldn’t name a single from this era. And I thought that song was Shawn Mendes’s

  3. I just listened to the album yesterday and it’s actually good. I gave it 2 spins and now, waking up and preparing for my day – I found myself playing it again. I’ll say it… it’s better than “Songs For You”. 🤭

  4. She also announced 4 special edition album covers. This reeks of desperation.

    Having a tour bundle, releasing 4 new album covers, slashing the price of the album (saying for only two days! which are the last two days it qualifies for first week sales), 6 previously released singles (none charted top 40, minus Senorita, which I thought was more of a Shawn Mendes song), promo on tons of radio stations, Ellen, Fallon, 3 times performing at the AMAs, and her team paying her to be TIME magazine’s most influential artist… Her label lost so much money by investing in her so much. They want her to be a pop princess, but she just doesnt have what it takes to stand next to Taylor, Gaga, Katy, Selena, ect.

  5. Poor Camilla. I feel like everyone has turned on her. I really don’t see how selling the album for cheap will help, no one buys albums anymore. Any super fans who were gonna buy it probably bought it the day it came out. I haven’t really listened to the album yet, but her performances on snl a few weeks ago were great! It was definitely too ambitious to have her doing an arena tour though. Not sure what they were thinking there. Maybe if she did a co-headlong one with Shawn Mendes or something

  6. I feel that she is a singles artist and not an albums artist. I also think that shes stuck in a rut. Her biggest singles all have Spanish music influences on them so i think thats what the public wants from her but she keeps doing other forms of pop music.

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