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Cabello is having a rough finish to 2019. Between the awkward Ariana Grande expose, her tour reportedly under-selling, Romance debuting at No. 3 and the unearthed racist posts… Camila can’t catch a break.

Things get worse… the singer’s latest album is under fire for copying a large list of artists. The latest revelation is the glaring similarity that album track “My Oh My” sounds to Pochi Marambio and Tierra Sur‘s “Llaman a la Puerta.” It’s especially bad news for Camila considering “My Oh My” was the best shot at another hit. Listen below:

The album also shares a likeness to works from Rihanna, Caroline Polachek, Louis Tomlinson, Bebe Rexha, Christina Aguilera, Halsey, Madonna, Sophie & Marina and the Diamonds, to name a few.

A user on Twitter provided receipts, and it’s hard to deny the similarities. Some of them are a stretch, like the Madonna performance (clearly a nod), but others are an apparent ripoff. The Xtina one is actually insane.

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Caroline Polachek commented on the ordeal (their album art is very similar).

“images don’t matter though, just context and integrity (which creative directors don’t have the time or focus to steal),” she said. “This similarity isn’t on the label or popstar, it’s a symptom of the normalization of outsourced worldbuilding.”

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  1. That Caroline Polachek seems to be the one true “inspiration” (or ripoff, up to your perspective) for the album. But WOW that ‘Just a Fool’ track. I was blown away. The verses haven’t come in yet but just listening to the track’s production – that is definitely ‘Just a Fool’ without a doubt.

  2. On the one hand, I feel like if an artist or any of us think too much about what we’re creating, then we wouldn’t achieve much because we would stop at the first reference or similar sound/image, and we all know that “nothing is new under the sun” anyway…
    On the other hand, some similarities are striking, and it makes me wonder how they (Camila and her team) couldn’t realise it, or why they didn’t keep working until they gave it a twist and made it their own.
    This all makes me think two things: 1) That this project was rushed (to be inspired by others is beautiful, but if you don’t end up creating something new or special from that first sparkle, then you’re not being a true artist; a simple but good example of this are cover songs); and 2) Camila doesn’t have the concept of her own album totally figured out (most probably because of it being rushed). Have you seen/heard explain it? She just says that her album, hopefully, is a glimpse of all the emotions that we go through love, which to me is quite a stretch, and that still doesn’t tie it up with all the references that “romance” implies. The songs are nice, but are they “romantic”? Romance is the idealization of love and life and nature, and everything is seen and lived in an intense and exaggerated manner. I don’t get that particular vibe or story from the songs or the pictures or the performances as a whole. To me, the closest she got to this are the music video and the performance of “Living Proof” at the Ellen Show. Those two are fantastic and very well-thought, and they represent “romance” pretty well if you ask me. The rest? Filler, try and error. But you know, THEY GOTTA GET THE ALBUM OUT AND THEY ALL WANT HER TO KISS SHAWN AND DON’T FORGET THE TOUR AND…..

    1. “My knowledge of modern music is very restricted, but in one respect I feel certain: true art is characterized by an unstoppable urge in the creative artist.” – Albert Einstein

    1. Exactly. Taylor, Ariana, and Selena worked years before becoming an A list pop girl, Camila thought that in 2 years she was already up there with the rest. She needed this moment to chomp her down to size.

  3. Nooo. I wanted ‘My Oh My’ to be a hit but nooow what have they done. Why do these fans have to ruin everything. I still listen to it regularly on repeat because it is a bop. 🙄 But ugh… i can’t deny that it’s obviously a rip off. 😔 I guess her and her record label did a lot of research, like, they had a mood board (but for tracks) and really wanted her to have that latin sound that clearly works for her and thought using an obscure never heard of artist and song will never see the light of day? Have they forgotten that this is the age of the internet? This flopness really annoys me. It’s so hard being raised by Britney Spears who is probably the most polished pop star ever during her peak and then to witness all these other “A-Listers” who are so sloppy with everything they do like what the F. Makes me appreciate Larry so much more and from now on every year for Britney’s birthday that I watch Britney documentaries and MTV specials – I will also appreciate Barry Weiss so much more now. Britney has never had an issue or a scandal with regards to her body of work being a ripoff (Lady GaGa x Madonna) or copied (Beyoncé x really everything) or stolen (Camila x Romance era) or bought the masters (Taylor x everything sans Lover). Britney may have had her fair share of scandals – even more than all these ladies but it was always about her private life and never about her music. LITERALLY THEIR FAVES COULD NEVER.

    People are gonna say “Britney Jean” but that was a shoddy situation so we’re not even gonna count that and don’t acknowledge that and I said “during her peak”. 😂

  4. Well, I’m not defending her or anything… But the Christian bible is a ripoff of many other religions and i don’t see anyone saying anything about it <3
    Merry Christmas, ya'll.

  5. America’s complex… bringin’ people up to then tear them down… music is only original enough. Do you think people spend their time listening to songs to copy them and make new ones? I dont think so. Pop music is full of the same chords progression, this how we find a song catchy. We could play 10 hits with the same chords. Soon people will complain that an artist used the same word than another artist. This is becoming silly or just some sad PR strategy for a song to get some buzz. Even if it is bad PR?!

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