Camila Cabello Releases Making Of “Crying In The Club”

Who made her cry?

” It’s not going to last forever.”

Camila Cabello takes us behind the scenes of her debut solo music video in a newly-released ‘Making Of’ video.

The “Crying In The Club” video begins with a heartbroken Camila belting out “I Have Questions”, a decision she describes was necessary to explain the journey behind her new music.

Inspired by a dark period in her life, the singer says “I Have Questions” is the hurt she felt before the healing of “Crying In The Club”.

“Life just has its seasons,” she says. “In life there is always going to be highs and lows. There really is no way to ease the pain that you feel in that moment. You just have to allow yourself to feel it and know that you’re going to get through it.”

Some believe that the lyrics of “I Have Questions” are about her former bandmates in Fifth Harmony, however the 20-year-old refers to a singular person when describing the song and its emotional visual.

“I just imagine the person that I wrote it about watching this.”

Join Camila on set below.

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