Marketing 101.

Aside from Camila and Shawn’s die-hard stans, the collective Internet agrees their relationship is a publicity stunt. Hey, “Señorita” hit No. 1 didn’t it?

Shamila isn’t shying away from the attention, either. After the two faced scrutiny for not locking lips during their performance together at the VMAs, they decided to kiss on camera finally. Sort of.

Instead of something heartfelt and intimate, they mocked haters’ criticism that they kiss like fish. So to prove them wrong, they… kissed like fish. It’s, um, something?

Camila outshined her newly-premiered, Dave Meyers-directed video for “Liar,” which happened to go live at the exact same time of the kiss clip (at the time of posting, there were 300,000 replies and more than 12 million views of this debauchery – way more than “Liar”). In it, Camila experiences groundhog’s day until she comes clean.

You can watch both videos below in whatever order you like:

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