“I’m so sorry to let you guys down.”


“I’m so sorry to let you guys down.”


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Camila Cabello is riding the wave to stratospheric superstardom. After tirelessly performing her Never Be The Same tour, the pop star immediately began opening for Taylor Swift on the Reputation Stadium Tour. It’s catching up with her.

On Sunday (May 20), the “Havana” singer performed her Pharrell-produced hits and took home the Billboard Chart Achievement Award. Hours later, CC revealed the rigorous schedule put her in the hospital.

“So yesterday after my performance at the billboards, I was feeling really sick and ended up in the hospital to get checked out,” she wrote. “They ran a lot of tests and everything is fine, but the diagnosis was basically dehydration and I also have a low grade fever — the doctors have told me I really have to get rest otherwise I won’t get better — so unfortunately I won’t be able to perform my set during the Reputation tour in Seattle tomorrow.”


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“I’m so sorry to let you guys down and I promise I will make it up as soon as I can!” she added.

It’s worth mentioning during her acceptance speech, Camila thanked fans for always worrying about her – making sure she gets enough sleep and drinking enough water.

Fame can be a seductive, life-sucking monster if you’re not prepared for it. Vaycay, Camila?



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