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Bazzi tapped Camila Cabello for a new remix of his hit song, “Beautiful,” originally off his album Cosmic. The video is now officially out.

“This is, you know, the first collaboration I have put out. I really like Camila; I really believe in her,” Bazzi told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe when the song originally premiered.

“I wanted to always feel organic and you know I feel collaborations sometimes don’t feel real. They don’t feel like the two artists collaborated or had any connection and I just, I don’t want to just throw so-and-so on a song because you know it would be helpful. I want to know the person I want and respect them and like them and have some sort of friendship with them.”

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For her part, Camila said she felt inspired to hop on the track after hearing “Mine.”

“I feel like it’s like the cool thing right now is to be like hard and cool. Like I felt like ‘Mine’ was the only song that I was hearing that was you know kind of like blowing up and was just super vulnerable in what it was saying,” she said.

The video for the collab is a fairytale love story – A Romeo & Juliet vibe but with a Disney ending. Watch below:

Camila is hard at work on new music as well. While on tour with Taylor Swift following her own trek, CC found time to sneak away to the studio.

“I love love songs right now. I love feeling. I love emotion. I love pinks and reds and deep colors. I love passion and emotion, right now,” she said. “I’ve been listening to a lot of old music. I’ve been watching a lot of movies. I love anything that just makes me feel right now.”

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