Doing the most.


According to a new registry on music publishing website ASCAP, Major Lazer has a new song titled “Know No Better” featuring Camila Cabello, Quavo from Migos and Travis Scott.

Get ready…


Doing the most.

There’s a lot of hype behind Camila Cabello’s solo album. Some of the most influential artists in the music industry are putting their money on the 20-year-old. Following collaborations with Machine Gun Kelly and Cashmere Cat, the pop star has reportedly enlisted some of the best songwriters / producers in the game, including OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, Pharrell Williams, Tyler, The Creator, Charli XCX and Max Martin.

She’s also worked closely with Major Lazer. Its founding member, Diplo, tells Billboard she’s recorded about 20 songs with the budding pop star. “We love her.” He adds they have a particular song in mind they’d like her to release in the near future, but “until we have the video and the song is on iTunes, you never know.” He adds, “but of course we have stuff with her. She’s done stuff with a lot of our friends, like Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, Frank Dukes — a lot of great producers we work with.”

Diplo also sheds light on her particularly unique situation growing up in the spotlight. “Sometimes we just take for granted because we’re old, we’re not even famous,” Diplo says. “When you’re young and you’re that amazing and famous like that, it’s hard to live and be normal. When we’re with her, she enjoys that time because we take her places where she can enjoy herself. We love her, her voice is amazing. We’ve done many demos.”

It won’t be long before Camila unleashes her new tunes. She recently told Fault magazine fans can expect to hear the music before the summer. “I hope to release my first few songs before summer and then go from there and hopefully an album in the Fall,” she said. “They are going to feel who I am. They are going to get a chunk of my heart, my experiences, my fantasies and everything in between.”

She added it will “be me in sound form.”

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