Camila Cabello shares a new ‘Romance’ release.

Camila is shining a light on the dark sides of love. Following “Shameless” and “Liar” is “Cry For Me.” Co-penned with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Camila sings about wanting a former flame to show some goddamn remorse following their breakup. Ugh, men.

“I want you to cry for me / say you’d die for me” Camila sings over pop rock-tinged production cooked up by Frank Dukes (Taylor Swift’s “Afterglow”) and Louis Bell (Halsey’s “Graveyard”). “And if you can’t then baby lie for me.”

Camila calls the track one of her favorites off the forthcoming album.

“I think everyone has felt this at one point or another,” she said. “When your ex moves on faster than you and of course you want them to be happy but just….. not so fast.”

Listen below:

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