Calvin Harris is commenting on Instagram about his messy breakup with Taylor Swift, and it’s a bit damming for the “New Romantics” singer.


Calvin Harris is commenting on Instagram about his messy breakup with Taylor Swift, and it’s a bit damming for the “New Romantics” singer.

When Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift announced their breakup through a “source” to People magazine, things looked amicable. Harris Tweeted a message the two separated on good terms, respect, blah blah blah, which Swift RT-ed and things seemed alright. That is, until two weeks later when photos exclusively published by The Sun showed Swift and actor Tom Hiddleston holding hands, kissing and taking selfies together near Swift’s beach house in Rhode Island. On the outside, it looked like Swift moved on rather quickly, leaving Harris in the dust and certainly penning her next pop record.

Harris responded by deleting all of their photos together off his social media accounts, as well as removing his original Tweet about that friendly split then commented to anxious paparazzo with an indifferent expression that his ex was just doing her thing.

Then on Tuesday, Swift and Hiddleston were caught canoodling the entire night at Selena Gomez’s Revival concert. When they left, a cameraman, which licensed their images to the very same company that obtained Swift’s Rhode Island candids, caught the couple walking hand in hand and smiling. It wreaks of inauthenticity and prompts me to believe Swift is orchestrating this entire fiasco. It also provokes music fans to recall that time Katy Perry put Swift on blast for catapulting her career to the stratosphere with “Bad Blood,” a song Swift alluded to being about her feud with Perry.

Now that we have some background, can we assume Swift is a cold hearted narcissist? Or is she really, really misunderstood. If you asked Harris, he’d tell you she’s behind everything.

In a series of replies to random commentators on Instagram, Harris asserts Swift is the mastermind behind the coverage when their breakup went up in flames, leaving him wondering… ‘what the actual ****?’

“She controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on,” Harris said. “So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective.”

In another post, Harris insists she’s the one that did the breaking up. “I didn’t leave anyone and she’s def not sad. It’s all good.”

When someone asked why did he unfollow her and re-follow her on Twitter, Harris said “I cared too much and then I didn’t care at all. I am a real person remember.”

Another IG user pointed out Harris isn’t being rude, because “for all we know Taylor broke up with him to be with another man and that is quite upsetting,” adding “He’s not being mean. He deserves to feel free while he’s single and not feel jealous.”

Harris tagged that user and agreed: “you’re the only smart one at this point.”


It’s the second recent instance where Swift was exposed in this light. Last week, Kim Kardashian backed up Kanye West’s claim he and Swift spoke over the phone about his “Famous” song and the inclusion of the lyric: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have *** / I made that ***** famous.” Swift denies she ever had knowledge of it, but Kardashian claims there’s video footage of the interaction, however Swift’s legal team is blocking them from sharing it.

“[Taylor Swift] totally gave the okay,” Kim told GQ. “Rick Rubin was there. So many respected people in the music business heard that [conversation] and knew.”

Her team adamantly denied that, too.

Your turn, Swift.

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