UPDATE: Calvin clears the air.


UPDATE: During his appearance on KISS FM UK, Harris was asked about the report where he would no longer put forth studio albums and instead focus on standalone singles. He does admit to saying something to that effect in 2011, but also admits he says random **** all the time. In other words, he’ll still release albums.


2014’s Motion is the last record Calvin Harris will ever put forth.

Times are a-changin, and Calvin Harris is one step ahead. The superstar producer, who has a song titled “My Way” dropping on Friday, refuses to release any more albums because in the digital age, it’s a singles game, and the importance of streaming singles is key to an artist’s mainstream success.

“Calvin has always been a forward-thinker and believes just releasing singles is the way forward,” a source told The Sun of Harris’ tactic. “Albums don’t sell how they used to and artists are now seeing streaming as the future. Albums are time-consuming and limit artists to cycles rather than having a persistent presence in the charts.

They add: “Calvin is one of the most-streamed artists in the world so it would make sense to exploit that success.”

Harris’s recent release, “This Is What You Came For” featuring Rihanna, peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100. His next release, which is rumored to take aim at ex Taylor Swift, has the potential to top that.

It’s a smart move for Harris to stray away from the traditional album release route, because it allows him to continue pursuing other ventures and focus on one song at a time. This doesn’t necessarily mean fans won’t receive as much music, he’ll just need to regularly distribute songs more frequently to make up for it.

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