Ride drop top and chase thrills.

Don’t be afraid to catch feels.

Calvin Harris’ new album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 drops on Friday. Previews for every track are available to stream here. One of those cuts includes the ’70s-inspired laid-back jam “Feels” featuring Katy Perry, Pharrell and Big Sean. The producer teased a half-a-dozen stills from the video before the Witness singer spilled the beans that the full clips would drop at midnight on Monday.

The Emil Nava-directed vid is a vibrant, hazy concoction of mystical places wrapped in bright colors. Harris is playing a guitar in a meadow, Pharrell is bopping around on a boat, Big Sean is seated on a thrown with parrot bodyguards on either side and a doe-eyed Katy is laying in a bed of flowers. As the camera pans out towards the end, you’ll see they’re in neighbors in this fantasy world.

Watch below:

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