She’s married, she’s got a new album out and she manages to stay out of the tabloids.

Unlike her counterparts Britney, Jessica and Lindsay, this Canadian chanteuse tells Cosmo Girl that it’s possible to have a thriving career while maintaing a personal life and staying out of the glossies.

Avril on the tabloids: “Britney and Ashlee, they’re really exposed in the tabloids, but you can control that. With Deryck and I being two celebrities in Hollywood, we could be all over those magazines if we wanted to. Some people do that-they go to every red carpet event. [All that stuff] is kind of silly. I have a career. I only go somewhere if I really need to go.”

Avril on knowing that Deryck was the one: “You just know,” she blushes. “I was in love with him and he was in love with me. I first kissed Deryck when I was 17, and I have been kissing him ever since.”

Avil on the web: “I’m not much of an Internet person at all. The whole MySpace thing, I’m so bad at that. I’ll change my pictures and sometimes I’ll write a blog. Some bands go on every day. I can’t do that-it’s confusing. I’m so not a computer person.”

Source: Cosmo Girl Magazine


Britney Spears got panned for the quasi-concert she just gave in Miami this weekend, and her harshest critic was none other than Madonna’s brother.

Christopher Ciccone sniffed to a Page Six source that Her Madgesty, his sister, “would never go onstage looking like that.” That, of course, was a tramp-ish get-up including white go-go boots and those ever-problematic hair extensions. Page Six adds that the Miami crowd — full of gay men and trannies – “sneered” at Brit’s look.

Of course, as People reports, it’s not for lack of trying — or shopping — that Britney’s looking so rough on stage. The mag reports that “not ten minutes” after arriving at her hotel, she and pals stopped at stores all over South Beach, even fitting in a little spending — while fans waited to get into the club.

Source: TMZ

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