Oops, Britney Spears spit out her gum in public again and now you can reap the benefits. More than 20 eBay auctioneers are selling what they claim to be Spears’ used chewing gum for prices ranging from 1 cent as an opening bid to $14,000 for the gum the pop star was supposedly chewing when she kissed Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. “My friend was working security and saw her spit one piece of gum in the trash,” the seller says in the post. Fans can also purchase a used cigarette ****, for which the current high bid is $250. Not a Britney fan? Bid on gum chewed by Christina Aguilera (99 cents), Eminem ($1) or Jessica Simpson (99 cents).

MTV News & britneyspears.org

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