Now there’s a headline I didn’t expect to write today!

Creeper alert!

Some random is selling furniture on eBay from Britney’s Malibu home which later ended up at Jamie Lynn’s apartment in Valencia.


Here’s my second piece of furniture that I am selling from Lynne and Jamie Lynn’s apartment in Valencia, CA. (See Jamie Lynn’s bed also for sale). This soft suede leather couch originated in Britney’s Malibu mansion, found its way to Lynne’s and Jamie Lynn’s apartment while Zoey 101 was being taped and ended up with me when they moved back to Louisiana last year. Lynne wasn’t particularly happy with her daughter for autographing it but it does add a flair that any fan can appreciate. I should have taken a close up of the frame since it’s hand carved and gorgeous but I think you can get the flavor of elegance from these pictures.

They could at least throw in a used piece of gum from Lynne! You have until January 12th; bidding starts at $6,000, with only 10% being donated to the American Cancer Society. Cheap scapes!

But be careful! The seller has zero feedback to his name. Sketch! Maybe Brian needed some extra dough for the honeymoon, y’all! I kid – happy bidding?

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