And before anyone says it, yes, “Pretty Girls” outperformed “Fall In Line.” Are you happy?


Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato’s new song was not made to fall in line… or break the Hot 100.


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Xtina finds herself in an interesting time. She comes from an era where physical album sales ruled the industry and pop music dominated.

Over the years, Xtina spaced out her album releases, and that’s not something most artists can get away with anymore. Not even legends like her, and she’s having a difficult time adapting to the age of sales plus streaming.

Case in point? Her lead Liberation release, “Fall In Line,” featuring Demi Lovato, failed to crack the Hot 100. It debuted at No. 101 (or, No. 1 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under chart). It most likely will not crack the Hot 100 at this point considering a music video and a performance at the Billboard Music Awards failed to give it that much-needed boost.


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What does this mean? For starters, the comments section on BreatheHeavy’s Facebook Page will probably remain lit between Britney and Xtina fans (ugh).

More importantly, it’s a sign of the times. In my opinion, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Charts and numbers based off of streaming is an entirely different animal, and doesn’t necessarily equate to success. Anything Drake releases smashes for weeks on-end, and while his music is good, it’s not ground-breaking nor chart-shattering. Hell, Bhad Bhabie (the cash me outside how bout dah Dr. Phil girl) is landing hits on the Hot 100. Nah mean?


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I think Fighters should let go of chart success and enjoy Xtina’s music (cause so far every Liberation release thus far has been pretty damn good). Also, music 2018 is weird.

And before anyone says it, yes, “Pretty Girls” outperformed “Fall In Line.” Are you happy?

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