Their new album ‘Love Yourself: Her’ is out.

South Korean pop group BTS continue global ********** with new album Love Yourself: Her, and a vibrant music video for “DNA.”

IF you’re not familiar with BTS by now, you’ve been living under a very large rock. The group has a new album out today, and in pre-orders alone it topped a million.

It features 11 songs and two hidden tracks, including the EDM-tinged track “DNA” (no, not their forthcoming collaboration with The Chainsmokers).

No expenses were spared for it; it’s a high budget visual jam-packed with vibrant colors and high energy choreography. It racked up more than 10 million views in just a few hours.

Here’s some press release jargon describing it: “the video visually represents the lyrics ‘the two of us are connected fatefully from the beginning, and we’re together from DNA,’ through the change of scenes and crossover between virtual reality and the universe.”

Watch below:

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