With the status of celebrity Britney Spears has you would expect her to get tons and tons of attention from different types of people all over the world. As Britney caught the eye of teen girls and pubescent boys across America she also caught they eye of homicidal maniacs such as the BTK killer.
The BTK killer earned his nickname from the way he’d Bind, Torture, then Kill his victims. He was insane enough to even report one of his own murders to local police.
But something shocking to discover is the way he’d carry around index cards with picture of woman he was planning to attack on them. One of the index cards contained a picture of the now pregnant pop star Britney Spears. On the back of Spears index card he wrote his own devious sexual fantasies about Spears.
For more on the BTK killer tune into A&E on Monday night. Check your local listings for the time.

That must be scary for Britney. I’m glad he never tried to do anything to her.

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