Bruno Mars’s new song “Versace on the Floor” is a synthy ’80s-inspired power ballad.


Bruno Mars’s new song “Versace on the Floor” is a synthy ’80s-inspired power ballad.

Mars’s album 24K Magic drops in a few short weeks (Nov. 18). It only features nine songs, so each one had better be single-worthy. So far so good, because the album title track and “Chunky” are legitimate bops, but no Bruno Mars album would be complete without a couple of sexual throwback-inspired love songs. That’s where “Versace on the Floor” comes in.

Mars tells Rolling Stone the song had multiple iterations before he felt satisfied.

From RS:

“I could play you six different versions of this song,” he says. He starts with the original demo, which he calls the “poolside version.” (It does have a strong piña colada vibe.) The lyrics feature Mars telling his girl that they can “fly through a storm on a unicorn … Make love on a mountain, bathe in a fountain.” He laughs as he listens back: “I’m really promising!”
“So I’m smiling at these lines,” Mars says. “I play it for people and they’re smiling; it’s awesome. But what’s the beat doing? We’re lounging. I don’t want to make poolside music. Let’s make it feel like these unicorns we’re talking about.”

So they remixed the beat. Mars plays the next version, which features the same lyrics but a more epic musical track. “So we get there with it,” he says, “and it’s good, it’s about to be on the album. And then it’s like … are you sure?” There was still something bothering him. “We’re painting this picture – both in silk, I’m promising the world. But I’m not singing. This is supposed to be a big ballad on the album, but I’m not giving it to ’em! If we’re gonna really, dramatically slow things down, I’ve got to be singing some ****.”

So they started from scratch and wrote a whole melody. But that meant they had to compose all-new lyrics as well. He plays the most recent iteration, a Boyz II Men–ish anthem that climaxes with an indelible hook: “Let’s just kiss till we’re naked/Versace on the floor.” “At a certain point,” says Mars, “I needed to stop telling you we’re gonna get down, and just get down.”

Alright alright, enough of the reading. Grab your man and switch on “Versace on the Floor”:

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