JT’s new song “Filthy” slid to No. 3 on the iTunes Top Songs chart. in the U.S.

Justin Timberlake’s new song “Filthy” slid to No. 3 on the iTunes Top Songs chart. in the U.S.

That’s because Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s “Finesse” Remix continues to dominate. In the last day, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s “Perfect Duet” slid up to No. 2.

Although JT briefly dethroned them when his new tune dropped last Friday, “Finesse” quickly gained momentum to reclaim the top spot.

It appears Bruno and JT had a gentlemen’s agreement in place prior to releasing their new music. Why do I suspect so?

It’s strange that the “Finesse” Remix debuted on a Thursday, the last and final day on the Hot 100 chart’s weekly tracking.

This means that “Finesse,” despite outperforming “Filthy,” probably won’t secede “Filthy” on the upcoming Hot 100 chart. “Filthy” was released promptly at midnight EST on Friday – meaning it will have a full week’s worth of tracking data to help ensure a top spot.

It’s worth mentioning that Headline Planet claims “Finesse” debuted at No. 35 on the Hot 100 this week with just one day’s worth of streams and downloads accounted for. At the time of posting, the Hot 100 chart on Billboard.com for this week did not display that result.

In other words… “Finesse” is outperforming “Filthy” on iTunes, but probably won’t beat it on the Hot 100 because of its poorly (my opinion) timed release, though that remains to be seen. I think the real measure of both songs’ staying power will be in week two.

Hopefully either one of them dethrones the “Perfect Duet” (it’s No. 1 for a fifth week this week); I am inexplicably annoyed by it.

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