We sincerely like her new sound.

Brooke Hogan's Second Country Classic: "Girlfriend"

Brooke Hogan wants to be a girlfriend.

Brooke Hogan is really running with the country music thing. Following the release of her promotional buzz track titled “Fly Away” is the foot-tapping tune titled “Girlfriend” (out on iTunes), Brooke’s light-hearted lead single from her upcoming EP out later this year.

“It was more family-oriented and more around my dating life, and the music thing fell by the wayside,” she said of her evolution into country music as a result of moving to Nashville. “I ended up going country because I do love it and because that’s the essence of what this place is all about.”

It’s a sincere effort from the 27-year-old, and we appreciate that. We won’t mind showing off our playlist full of Brooke Hogan country songs later this year.

Take a listen below:

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