Brooke Candy's "A Study in Duality"

Brooke Candy’s latest artistic visual plays with your cognitive senses.

Not one to be placed in any category, Brooke Candy unleashed her bizarre yet beautifully proactive teaser of sorts titled “A Study in Duality” to promote her essence and individuality as an artist, as well as non-conformity. Part fashion film, part arthouse flick, part music video, Candy uses character contrasts to develop her perception of originality. A Virgin Mary, a bride, a Lady Gaga-inspired pop star are replaced with non-gender defining people to create this stunning artistic montage.

“This video represents the metamorphosis of a girl and her disciples,” Candy told Nylon. “Together, we are fagmob. We are not defined by race, gender, or sexual preference. We are the forbidden fruit. We believe in the impossible. We are everywhere and nowhere all at once. We are limitless. We are fearless…Together, we are fagmob.”

We don’t know what the sole purpose of this video is, but I’m not sure we’re meant to.

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